Every organisation should support their local community in order to continue to uplift and improve the conditions through a proactive Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme. HTA thus supports the following Randburg Based Public Sector Services and National Charity Organisations as their positive contribution to CSI.

The NSPCA considers that the welfare of an animal includes its physical and mental state and that good animal welfare implies both fitness and a sense of well-being. The Council believes that an animal’s welfare should be considered in terms of five freedoms which form a logical and comprehensive framework for analysis of welfare within any animal use together with the steps and constraints of an effective livestock industry.

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Ethical policing demands that we as employees of the South African Police Service act with integrity and respect for people’s diversity and the law, thereby enhancing service excellence to the approval of the public.

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The South African Fire Service believes that the preservation of human life from fire and other hazards are the worthiest goal to pursue and commits to operate and maintain a well-balanced Fire (and Rescue) Service to the community residing in South Africa and as required elsewhere, through the application of strong practical capabilities, a set of core values to guide day-to-day conduct and the efficient application of allocated resources enabling the Fire (and Rescue) Service in consistently achieving its mandate, which ultimately may serve as the benchmark for the African continent in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and results obtained in the Fire (and Rescue) Services industry.

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The SOS Children’s Villages Association of South Africa is a member of SOS – Kinderdorf International, the largest private welfare organization for children in the world. Over 200 000 children benefit from the various residential, educational and developmental programmes operating in 135 countries. The varied and worldwide projects of SOS – Kinderdorf International are non-profit, apolitical, interdenominational and non-racial. The projects include SOS Children’s Villages, SOS Family Strengthening Programmes, SOS Kindergartens, SOS Youth Facilities, Hermann Gmeiner Social Centres, SOS Relief Work, Hermann Gmeiner Schools, SOS Vocational Training and Production Centres and SOS Hermann Gmeiner Medical Centres.

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It has been a long held belief of AKC that the children in its care need more than shelter and food. They need love, care, guidance and rehabilitation to lead sustainable lives. This will empower them to be positive contributors to our society; thereby breaking the cycle of poverty, violence and abuse which will result in a healthier society.

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The Kirsty Watts Foundation Is a non-profit, public benefit organisation, the mission of the trustees is to give children the opportunity to fulfil their potential by improving the facilities available to them in the environments they live and learn in. Projects are identified and managed by the trustees from start to finish and maintained where necessary. The proceeds are thus distributed directly to the children identified as requiring assistance for a variety of needs but primarily in the healthcare and education sectors.

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Chefs with Compassion (CWC), founded in 2020 in response to the humanitarian crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an initiative based on a collaboration between organisations and individuals whose greatest wish is to alleviate the hunger and suffering of South Africans.

CWC transform produce that would otherwise have gone to landfill into delicious, nourishing meals through the skills and compassion of a network of chefs in centres around the country, by leveraging relationships with farmers, agents, markets, retailers, wholesalers, producers, manufacturers and organisations.

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