The HTA School of Culinary Art, a local and Internationally Accredited Chef School, run under the leadership of Stephen Billingham, Honorary President of the South African Chefs Association, is one of South Africa’s leading Chef schools, conveniently situated in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and offers a number of local and internationally accredited programmes that will equip budding Chefs with the skills and knowledge to build a career in the challenging and globally competitive world of cuisine.


HTA School of Culinary Art believes that if you put the best in, you will get the best out. Thus they have handpicked an experienced team of faculty members who come with a wealth of knowledge and skill and share this with the students every day.

6 Month In-Service Chef Apprenticeship Programme

The Day-Release Programme allows for both currently employed kitchen staff members and private individuals to train and develop as Cooks in a cost efficient and structured manner, while working. With only a 2-day per month at the HTA premises and the remainder of training online, the Theoretical and Practical components of the programme, as outlined herein, is covered.

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So, You Want to be a Chef?

If you love food, cooking, people, and international travel, and are willing to work hard, then being a Professional Chef is the right career choice for you!

Apply now for 2024, or chat to us on WhatsApp straight from our home Page.



Looking to join the world of cuisine at either one of our premium partner’s establishments or open up your own restaurant one day?



Have you got a team of Cooks, Chefs or caterers on-site that require on-going skills development or apprenticeship training?



Do you live outside of Johannesburg or South Africa but wish to pursue your Chef training with HTA from the convenience of your own home or workplace?



“Although I was set on becoming a Professional Chef, I had no idea that it might lead to an international career and a multitude of adventures – both good and bad, that would change my whole life and shape my personality and my very being, it changed me from the inside out, and it changed my relationship with my friends and family. Being a Professional Chef has provided me with experiences that money could never buy, and memories that time can’t erode. I’ve worked with people from across the globe, and come to understand and appreciate the religions and cultures of the many countries I’ve worked in and visited. As a result I would like to think that this has made me a more tolerant and open-minded person who can adapt and fit in just about anywhere with just about anyone.”

Jerome Norton – Past student of HTA School of Culinary Art



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