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Have you dreamt of becoming a Professional Chef?

“Perhaps you have been encouraged by chefs on television, cooking delectable goodies and wowing audiences. Or maybe you grew up experimenting in the kitchen and preparing family’s meals. But how do you make this dream a reality? Before you embark on your culinary career, you must first consider what type of chef you want to be and then determine what it is you need to succeed!

Did you also know the professional kitchen has an unusual work ethos which is different from other industries? In the best Chef Schools and kitchens, this ethos is among the most honourable to strive for and most difficult to maintain. A good culinary education conveys massive volumes of information about plants and animals we consume and how they behave in heat – a body of knowledge that is inexhaustible and infinitely endless. This education is also about working with your hands, a physical experience of the skill and repetition of that experience, cooking at its most basic and at its most refined levels is fundamentally a craft, and crafts must be practiced over and over. With repetition comes increased speed and precision.

At HTA, it’s about being pushed and learning to push yourself. To do more, more than you can imagine. To do better, better than you think is possible. The Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Industry remains strong and growing, as does Hospitality and Tourism, the world’s fastest growing employment sector, giving each graduate assured opportunity in a strong market globally.

My last words to budding Chefs are: Don’t aim to be good, aim to be great, and have fun.”

Chef Stephen Billingham, Director of HTA and former President of the South African Chefs Association. Honorary member City and Guilds London.



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