This is a two year, fulltime City and Guilds/QCTO accredited course that was established by Chefs for Chefs to provide students with a comprehensive programme in all disciples relating to the production of quality cuisine and the ability to manage a kitchen. The HTA School of Culinary Art offers professional realistic opportunities to acquire both theoretical knowledge and carefully monitored practical training within Joburgs finest Hotels, restaurants and catering companies.

Your Future, Your Career, Your Success

On successful completion of this Chef qualification you will, over and above the food preparation and cooking aspects of the course, also have proven competence in the following important subjects:

  • Drink and Table Service
  • Customer service
  • Workplace relationship skills
  • Health, hygiene and safety
  • How to identify work opportunities and apply for a job
  • First Aid
  • Handling and storage of food
  • Food costing
  • Recipe and menu development and implementation
  • Self and staff development
  • Problem solving in the workplace
  • Cultural Diversity

This course prepares you for a long and fruitful career as a top Chef.

The HTA Culinary of Art Course Overview:


First Term at HTA:

History of Cooking, South African Cuisine, Food Hygiene, Kitchen Planning and Design, Handling Knives, Cooking Methods, Fruit Preparation, Vegetable Preparation, Egg Dishes, Cold Preparation, Stocks, Soups and Sauces, Preparation Meat and Poultry, Preparation Basic Dessert, Culinary French Food Costing, Assessment and Examinations.

First Practical Placement:

10 Week Industry Training

Second Term at HTA:

Pulses Rice and other Grains, Classic Potatoes, Preparation of Fish, Basic Dough Work, Pastry Work, Fresh and Dried Pasta, Shellfish, Intro to HACCP, Nutrition Customer Service, Table Service, Drink Service, Wine Service, Assessment and Examinations.

Second Practical Placement:

10 Week Industry Training


First Term at HTA:

Biscuits and Cookies, Cakes and Sponges, Meat and Offal, Game and Poultry, Quality Control, Cuisines Around The World, Menu Writing, First Aid, Fungi, Advanced Cold Preparation Culinary French, Food Costing, Assessment and Examinations.

Third Practical Placement:

10 Week Industry Training

Fourth Term at HTA:

Cheese, Frozen Desserts, Sugar Work, Chocolate Work, Advanced Dough, Vegetarian Cookery, Dietetics, Soufflés, Organic Food, Petit Fours, Advanced SA Cuisine, Assessment and Examinations.

Fourth Practical Placement:

10 Week Industry Training

For more information please contact us, or if you would like to prelimary apply please complete the online application form for submission.



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