3 Year In-Service Chef Apprenticeship Programme


3 Year In-Service Chef Apprenticeship Programme


This programme allows you, the employer, to effectively train and develop your own chefs in a cost efficient, structured manner. It also allows young people wishing to excel in the field of Professional Cookery the opportunity to obtain top quality work experience, theoretical knowledge and a recognised qualification whilst performing their functions in the workplace.

Operating since 1984, this highly successful 3-year Apprentice Chef work-based qualification consists of an annual 6-week Block Release Component presented at HTA’s training centre. Each year the module learners on this programme are issued with a set of resources and workbooks. Each block concludes with written examinations in Catering Theory, Food Costing and Menu Planning, Food & Beverage Service, Culinary French and a Practical Exam.

Block Release Dates 2018:

1st Year Group A: Tuesday 2 May to Friday 9 June

1st Year Group B: Monday 19 June to Friday 28 July

2nd Year Group A: Monday  16 January to Friday 24 February

2nd Year Group B: Monday 6 March to Thursday 13 April

1st Year Group A: Monday 14 May 2018 to Friday 15 June 2018

3rd Year Group A: Monday 27 August to Friday 05 October 2018

For more information please contact us, or if you would like to prelimary apply please complete the online application form for submission.




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