1 Year In-Service Chef Apprenticeship Programme


1 Year In-Service Chef Apprenticeship Programme


Based on our In-Service Apprenticeship Programme and Industry demand, HTA designed and launched this 1-year Block Release-style Apprenticeship Programme. This programme offers chefs the opportunity to learn whilst working. With only a 2-day per month Block Release module, the Theoretical and Practical components for this qualification are covered.

Learners on this programme are issued with a resource and workbook set and are expected to complete written examinations in Catering Theory, Food Costing, Culinary French and a Practical Exam. Successful learners will be issued with an HTA Certificate in Food Preparation and Culinary Art and are eligible to complete the City & Guilds Certificate Exam.

Day Release Dates 2017:

Group 30: Commences 25 January

Group 31: Commences 28 February

Group 32: Commences 15 July

Group 33: Commences 19 September

For more information please contact us, or if you would like to prelimary apply please complete the online application form for submission.



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