Winner of Twenty National Culinary Awards! | Open Day: 3 September 2016 9:00am – 12:00pm


The HTA School of Culinary Art, run under the leadership of Stephen Billingham, current President of the South African Chefs Association, is one of South Africa’s premier Chef schools, conveniently situated in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and offers a comprehensive course that will equip budding Chefs with the skills to build a career in the challenging and globally competitive world of cuisine.


Established to provide Culinary students with a fundamental grounding in all disciplines relating to the production of top quality cuisine and the ability to manage a kitchen, this award winning school offers unparalleled opportunities to acquire both theoretical knowledge and carefully monitored practical training.

Open Days 2016

Although I was set on catering, I had no idea that it might lead to an international career and a multitude of adventures – both good and bad, that would change my whole life and shape my personality and my very being, it changed me from the inside out, and it changed my relationship with my friends and family. Being a Professional Chef has provided me with experiences that money could never buy, and memories that time can’t erode. I’ve worked with people from across the globe, and come to understand and appreciate the religions and cultures of the many countries I’ve worked in and visited. As a result I would like to think that this has made me a more tolerant and open-minded person who can adapt and fit in just about anywhere with just about anyone.”

Justin Norton – Past student of HTA School of Culinary Art


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2016 HTA In-Service Apprentice Chef of the Year Competition

The HTA In-Service Apprentice Chef of the Year Competition was conceptualized by Stephen Billingham of HTA School of Culinary in 2006 with the first competition held in 2007.   Now in its tenth year, the HTA In-Service Apprentice Chef of the Year Competition sponsored this

Korean Cuisine Workshop held at HTA

Korean Cuisine Workshop held at HTA

Junior Culinary Team South Africa

Junior Culinary Team South Africa at their recent practice session at HTA School of Culinary Art.  

Winter Donations for the SPCA

HTA School of Culinary Art’s staff and students deliver food and blankets to SPCA Randburg to help our furry little friends through the cold months. Thank you to everyone for their contribution!

Chef of the Year 2015!

Congratulations to the winner of the Goldcrest In-Service Chef of the Year Competition 2015, Zoe Maseko! As well as a congratulations to the second place winner, Amy Pretoria and third place winner, Dandre Booyens. Well done to all of the contestants for all the hard